Glue for PVC pipes Tangit PVC-U 125 g

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For bonding thermoplastic pressure pipe systems made of rigid PVC acc. to EN 1452.
Suitable for pressureless pipe systems (draining of sewage) acc. to EN 1329.
For installation and repair work (e.g., drainpipes).
Ideally suited for the structural bonding of PVC boards and tiles (e.g. drip pans, casings).
Plastic piping systems for industrial applications acc. EN ISO 15493.
Long open time of 4 minutes.
Easy bonding, even of larger dimensions (one person sufficient for pipes up to 80 mm).
Easy and clean handling.
Higher security thanks to excellent gap-bridging capability (low flow value).
Maximum leak protection.
The bonded joints are as resistant as the respective pipe material (exception: concentrated acids).
Meets the requirements of EN 14814 and EN 14680.
Complies with EN 1329 for discharging water with plastic piping systems.

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